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Simply Permaculture is a farm, a garden to visit and a demonstration site to inspire you.
The garden will open its doors again with "Printemps de Duras" on the 27th of March. Come and have lunch between 12 and 2pm and we'll treat you to one of our famous dinners (Thai curry with local meat and veg and garden salad, vegetarian options possible 12.50), There's a max of 30 couvert. Stay for the guided tour 2pm in French and 3.30pm in English (exceptionally 5 euros for a tour).
The property consists of 5 hectares of land set between the rolling hills of Saint Jean de Duras. Located between Eymet, Duras, Sainte Foy la Grande and Miramont. With permaculture you design the land in such a way that it is truly self-sufficient and sustainable. It uses the natural ecosystem as an inspiration for this design, but uses predominantly edible perennial herbs, flowers, bushes, roots and trees. We were hooked once we discovered the depth and logic of this system and started to design our land according to these permaculture principles. Our garden is still young but filled to the brim with bigger and smaller projects. When you come and visit you will be taken on a tour passing by a.o. edible flower spirals, a chicken tractor, hugel beds, fragant herbs you haven’t smelled before, an integrated and smart water management system for a 4 hectare field, a bicycle washing machine, swales, a food forest on contour, get to look into a transparent beehive, beautiful views, and have the possibility to pick your own free herbal tea from our tea corner, and enjoy a lovely corner to relax.
Have a look around our site to discover our place more in depth. Or click here for a garden tour via you tube
Simply Bed & Breakfast, St. Jean de Duras, South West France

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Come and visit our 5 hectare permaculture garden. A lovely outing for friends, the entire family, groups or schools. Regular guided tours and workshops. Situated in Saint Jean de Duras, between Bergerac, Duras & Eymet on the border of the Lot et Garonne et Dordogne departments

Sandra & Santi: Bonac, 47120, Saint Jean de Duras
I: www.simplypermaculture.com
E: hello @ simplypermaculture.com
T:+33 (0) 681768594
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